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Before the Wall Fell – Choosing Canada

For one family's decision to choose Canada, the writing was on the wall.

Posted on: October 10, 2019

Last updated: June 16, 2020

By Everpixels Inc

"And the walls shall fall down...And they will bury the old world"

Living as Polish refugees in Germany, they didn’t know where they would end up. A brief stop for a photo in front of the Berlin Wall seemed to point to their future. On the wall they saw a Canadian and Polish flag. And, the lines from an old Polish protest song. They would soon make Canada their home.

Wyrwij murom zęby krat! Zerwij kajdany, połam bat! A mury runą, runą, runą. I pogrzebią stary świat!

Pull the bars from the walls! Tear off the shackles, break the whip! And the walls shall fall down, fall down, fall down. And they will bury the old world!

Mury (Walls)

Mury (Walls) was a sung poetry protest song written by Polish singer Jacek Kaczmarski in 1978. It was especially popular among the workers of Solidarity (NSZZ Solidarność) and is one of Kaczmarski’s best known songs. It became a powerful symbol of the opposition to the communist regime in the People’s Republic of Poland and was sung at countless rallies, meetings, protests and strikes throughout Poland during the 1980s.

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