Our Missions

To reduce families’ technological burden for story capture and photo digitization.

To connect families, share stories, and preserve history.

Every day we are losing photos (and the stories behind them) to neglect and disaster. We envision a future Canada where digital preservation is seen not only as an option, but as a civic duty.

Our stories and histories, though sometimes painful, have the power to enrich our lives. They give us the chance to learn and grow. They help us see what we have in common.

Photos are the chance to free our history. They are the chance to capture and share it. Photos have the power to give value to the lives of an aging population. It’s the chance to share and preserve their legacy with lessons for new generations. There are lifetimes of memories worth sharing and we too often wait until it’s too late.

Dwayne Ali

B.A., M.A.


As a child he dreamed of building a time machine. It seems that he’s finally done it. As a second-generation Canadian, he has used photos to better connect with his history. A passion for history and the human experience has led him to work in Asia, the Caribbean, and South America.

Véronique Gingras-Gauthier

LL.L., J.D., LL.M.

Co-Founder + Legal Counsel

In her day to day life, Véronique fights criminals and sends bad guys to jail. But in her spare time, she’s a softie who fights for the preservation of all histories. When she’s not reading the latest criminal caselaw, you can find her listening to her grandparents tell stories of days long gone.

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