High-speed photo scanning for families.

Their memories. Your history.

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Preserve for Generations

Ensure that your legacy is passed on. Capture the stories that will be told and re-told for generations. This is your history. This is your heritage.

“I saw myself in her photos. That’s my story too.”

Downsize + Digitize

Moving into a smaller space? Limited wall space? Digitize your photos so that you can take them with you! Our mobile service can digitize all your photos in a day. Easily view photos on your phone, tablet, or television.

Caregiver Support

For patient management. For reminiscence therapy. For conversation and connection.

Whether caring for a loved one, or as a professional caregiver, scanned photos can be an excellent resource.

High-Speed, On-Site Service

Scans are typically done in-home or on-site (except in the case of specialized needs).

We rotate between the Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal areas. We also hold regular scan events at retirement homes and care facilities. Get in touch to book ahead.


Protect from Disaster

Sometimes the unpredictable happens.


Make it easy to share your memories with loved ones no matter where they are. A photo sitting in an shoebox is hidden from the world and from your family. A digitized photo can reach all your loved ones around the world.



The Stories Behind the Photos

We’re creating a collection of some of the most interesting/heartwarming/amazing stories and photos we’ve come across during our scanning adventures.

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We can help you with your scanning or story capture tasks.


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